Price List

The way it works is we provide all materials, glaze and firing required for an exceptional experience with clay. We welcome newcomers to pottery and professionals. Similar to personal training we are able to set up a studio for you and friends either at a private residence, garden's or you can join on Monday and/or Thursdays at one of our three pop up studio sites for the optimum experience as a creative outlet, flow and developing skills. We are sponsored by Cabbages and Roses and Dotty Dungarees and all materials are sourced from the UK.

Evening Classes (Victorian Mansion in Shoreditch and Brewer Street Car Park, Soho, Antony Gormley's Peckham courtyard)

Throwing, Coil Technique, Pinch Clay & Hand Building

Mondays and Thursday 6-9pm

3 spaces available

Individual rate per hour £33


Master Classes (on request)

Throwing Wheels, Coil Technique, Pinch Clay & Hand Building

Saturdays & Sundays full day (10-4pm)

6 spaces available

Individual rate per day £198



Private Residence & Outdoor Throwing

Throwing, Coil Technique, Pinch Clay & Hand Building

Monday to Saturdays

3 spaces available

Individual rate per hour £33 

(If the client wishes to work without a teacher, there is an option at a lower fee)


Corporate Days

Throwing, Coil Technique, Pinch Clay & Hand Building

Monday to Saturday (10-4pm)

Capacity for 8 individuals

£198 per individual for the full day


Children’s Parties

Mugs, Plates & Bowl Painting (Highly advised as an outdoor activity)

Monday to Saturday (Flexible times, minimum two hours)

Capacity for 10 children

£25 per child an hour



The potter's wheel. In a process called "throwing" (coming from the Old English word thrawan which means to twist or turn,) a ball of clay is placed in the centre of a turntable, called the wheel-head, which the potter rotates with a stick, with foot power or with a variable-speed electric motor.

Coil Technique

Coiling is a method of creating pottery. It has been used to shape clay into vessels for many thousands of years. ... There are many ways to build ceramic objects using the coiling technique.

Pinch Clay

A pinch pot is a simple form of hand-made pottery produced from ancient times to the present. The pinching method is to create pottery that can be ornamental or functional, and has been widely employed across cultures and times.


We are working with top studios across London to provide stunning glazes both modern and classical.




Our teachers are selected from the finest studios in the country on their experience as both tutor and commercial success in the industry.

Monday classes will be under the supervision and tutorial of Gregory Tingay (b 1964).

'Some pots are made quickly. They speak of a moment, of catching a fugitive idea of clay, glaze and fire, and moving on. Others like the beautiful vessels by Gregory, record a different kind of time. He works with quality of paying attention to the volume and articulation of edge, the way in which the lip of a bowl or jar holds tile change of mood between interior and exterior. They are considered. That is they come from someone who has understood the practice of everyday life, tile passage of days, and knows that to spend hours, or days, or weeks on the discovery of a pattern, the flow of lines into an efflorescence, is a beautiful thing. It is always difficult to make such painstaking work, speak with delight and pleasure.' 

Edmund de Waal is one of the world’s leading ceramic artists and his porcelain is held in many major international collections. His bestselling memoir The Hare with the Amber Eyes won the Costa Biography Award and the Costa Biography Award and the RSL Ondaatje Prize.

Gregory learnt his trade whilst in the monastery, he is both patient, engaging and amusing.

Other tutors for private and Thursday's classes in Shoreditch & Peckham:

Florian Gadsby who is focused on Japanese ceramics and the art of Kintsugi is a practice in Japan where they mend cracked or broken ceramics with gold, rendering the piece even more beautiful than it started out. As well as the study of Wadi Sabi.

Stuart Carey ( London based master potter Stuart Carey produces a stunning range of hand thrown Ceramics. A graduate of the Royal college of Art and winner of multiple awards, Stuart now boasts an international client base as well as being director of The Kiln Rooms ceramics studio.