The joy of potting

Potting isn't just a pleasure, it offers a wealth of health and wellbeing benefits. But don't just take our word for it...

'How I went potty at the Tate modern's ceramics factory'

Clare Cohen reports on the mindful qualities of the pottery process, as she takes part in Clare Twomey's collaborative pottery project at the Tate Modern.

'pottery as therapy'

The New York Times describes the increasing use of pottery as a form of physical therapy for those with injuries and other physical challenges.

'top ten health benefits of pottery'

The fitness revolution lists and explains the top ten health benefits of pottery, including improved focus, exercise for hands, and stress and pain reduction.

POP UP POTS  OCT31 0222.jpg

'the connection between art, healing, and public health'

Medical researchers explore the holistic health benefits of creativity, demonstrating that the likes of pottery can have a profound impact upon healing processes.


'pottery is the new yoga!'

Vogue explores the mind-clearing benefits of potting, as well as noting it's recent revival.


'make more art: the health benefits of creativity'

The Huffington Post advocates for art as a form of physical and mental therapy.