The art of pottery

With pop up pots, you have the opportunity to explore the many methods of making with clay. To learn more about these ancient practices, keep reading!

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'Throwing' is the practice of working with clay on the wheel.

With all clay, the first step is to 'wedge'. This is where you kneed and slap the clay to get all the air out. Once shaped into a ball, you 'centre' it by slapping it onto the centre of the wheel. Now you are good to go! 

You control the speed of the wheel using a foot pedal and, using water, work the clay with a combination of pressing and pulling.

Throwing takes patience. Your pots will wobble and may well end up quite wonky, but that is all a part of the process. Throwing is methodical, sensual and deeply therapeutic.  

hand building

Hand building allows you wonderful creative freedom.

By packing clay tightly using your hands and shaping, defining and sculpting with a wide variety of tools, you can create both vessels and figurines and - well - just about anything you've plucked from your imagination!

This method is great for beginners and experts alike, and can lead to some remarkable, quirky objects.

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Coiling has been used to create vessels from clay for thousands of years. This is a great technique for those new to clay. It is - as its name suggests - the method of coiling rolls of clay around and around, steadily building a pot.

It is relatively easy to master, and it allows you to create intriguing and even large vessels.