Gregory is particularly known for his sgraffito artistry. He is currently developing and refining the interplay between the sgraffito patterned slip areas and the background glazes, with greater use of coloured and transparent glazes.

Gregory Tingay

Gregory first began throwing aged 16. After graduating  from Trinity College, Cambridge in 1989 with a degree in Art History, he returned to Zimbabwe (where he was born) to lecture in Art History. He later joined the Benedictine Order where he took the name Brother Alexander. Whilst a monk of Buckfast Abbey, Devon, he was trained as a potter by Mary Boys-Adams (nee Gibson Horrocks), a pupil of Bernard Leach, in the monastery pottery. Following a move to Quarr Abbey, Isle of Wight, he was mentored by Molly Attrill with Arts Council backing. His first solo exhibition was at Quarr Abbey. He then jointly exhibited with Attrill at Quay Arts Centre, Newport (2007). He has also exhibited at the Arts Club Mayfair and twice at Cranley Gallery (2012 and 2015). Having left monastic life in 2008, he now practices as a full-time potter at Dartmouth Park Pottery in North London.